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Apt-get install sarg 1/etc/sarg/access_log /var/log/squid/graphs yes graph_days_bytes_bar_color orange name "Squid User approaching Reports" font_face Tahoma, Verdana, Arial header_color darkblue header_bgcolor blanchedalmond font_size 9px background_color white text_color #000000 text_bgcolor lavender title_color dark-green temporary_dir /tmp output_dir /var/www/squid-reports resolve_ip user_ip no topuser_sort_field BYTES reverse user_sort_field BYTES gear exclude_users /etc/sarg/exclude_users exclude_hosts /etc/sarg/exclude_hosts date_format u lastlog 0 remove_temp_files yes index yes index_tree file cabinet overwrite_report yes records_without_userid ip use_comma yes mail_utility mailx topsites_num 100 topsites_sort_order CONNECT D index_sort_order D exclude_codes /etc/sarg/exclude_codes max_elapsed 28800000 report_type topusers topsites sites_users users_sites date_time denied auth_failures site_user_time_date downloads usertab /etc/sarg/usertab long_url no date_time_by bytes charset UTF-8 show_read_statistics no topuser_fields NUM DATE_TIME USERID CONNECT BYTES %BYTES IN-CACHE-OUT USED_TIME MILISEC %TIME TOTAL modal user_report_fields CONNECT BYTES %BYTES IN-CACHE-OUT USED_TIME MILISEC %TIME entire AVERAGE topuser_num 0 download_suffix "zip,arj,bzip,gz,ace,doc,iso,adt,bin,cab,com,dot,drv$,lha,lzh,mdb,mso,ppt,rtf,src,shs,sys,exe,dll,mp3,avi,mpg,mpeg" 2.

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The below instructions were hashed out after reading the put in filing cabinet in the download. By alternative the name drops in the pipe WWW book of facts of your server, if you have port 80 agape to the extraneous world, this may not be a corking employment for you in the neglect form. #You essential feature the webserver and information modules installed and the divine service moving prior to instalment My SQL Squid Access news !! cd /usr/local/src #Download the circulating version of My SQL Squid coming Report(My SAR) from sourceforge #2.1.4 as of grand 7, 2010 wget #extract it to /usr/local (it will appoint /usr/local/mysar) tar zxvf mysar-2.1.4gz -C /usr/local #copy the apache alias to the conf.d directory cp /usr/local/mysar/etc/mysar.apache /etc/httpd/conf.d/mysar.#create the My SAR word the example cp /usr/local/mysar/etc/example /usr/local/mysar/etc/#restart the webserver service httpd restart #go to a browser and tack Mysar # #for example: #follow the instructions!!! #when it says you are finished and need to take out the install folder, DO SO. rm -rf /usr/local/mysar/www/install #finally copy the cron job play to begin the machine-controlled info population.

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Restrict access using squid proxy server | YourHowTo.net

When using a proxy you requisite to deliberation early and first approximately its security, there’s a lot of bad guys out in that location that are fair hunt for a way to find new procurator sites for their own purpose, good or bad. But its not meet with calamary proxy, any software, employment or feature that is meant to be public you need to apply section measures in causa thing bad could fall out to your system or to other systems because of your applications. In this article I’m leaving to show you about nice options you can use once restricting access exploitation squid proxy.
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